Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Vanity, thy name is ...

So went back to the doc's today (for the penultimate visit). everything is cool with the cyst on my face. biopsy was negative for cancer or anything dangerous. skin appears to be healing as well as the face. doc is feeling pretty good about everything. then he drops this bombshell on me. (remember, when i told the story the first time one of my fave parts was using this phrase "beverly hills plastic surgeon").

"so mike, have you thought about propecia or hair replacement?"

"no, but believe me, not a day goes by when i don't think about how i used to be a kid with thick hair, and now well, i don't." i answered quickly to mask my shock at this being brought up umprompted. coincidentally though, i did grab a hair replacement pamphlet last time i was in his office, but no one saw me do it.

so after a few minutes the doc comes back with his camera to take photos of my head ("for a baseline"). he then writes a prescription for propecia, but recommends that i get it online from Mexico or to get it from friends in Mexico, if i have any, b/c it's much cheaper. the humor of the situation and the acknowledgement of my own vanity have kept me from actually getting angry or disturbed by the unsolicited offer to fix my male pattern baldness.

still though, pretty effed up stuff, eh?

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