Thursday, June 23, 2005

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So here's what makes me really happy, really angry, and feel really really stupid.

So I went to see Rilo Kiley Sunday night. And they were amazing. They had all the extra energy of a band finishing a tour in its hometown. but the best thing was the encore.

for the second song they brought out their friend "deborah" and said they were going to do one of her songs. i was sitting way in the back and could really not see much in detail other than that "deborah" was youngish looking and blonde. well then they started the intro to the song and it was very familiar, like "lost in your eyes" by Debbie, before she was Deborah, Gibson.

Since I unfortunately missed Deborah Gibson last Sunday at Pride Day in West Hollywood, this was the next best thing. I could not have imagined a cooler, more unexpected amazing thing to happen at a concert. i know that no concert ever will have a moment that eclipses Deborah Gibson playing Lost in your Eyes backed up by Rilo Kiley.

i went to my roommate's PhD hooding ceremony last week and one of the deans of the grad school really pissed me off. she started railing against the "media" and included newspapers in her rant about how "the media tells us more about michael jackson and not enough about what's going on in washington." it really got me chapped, because she lives in los angeles home of the Los Angeles Times a paper that actually covers Washington pretty damned well. And is free and so is Could these papers be a lot better, sure they could, but she could do a lot better at her job, too, i'd bet.

i mean, she's right about television news, but it must be nice for her and all the professors and fucking morons in the audience who agreed with her to be so smugly taking cheap shots. any wonder why academics are hated only just below reporters.

I'm going to this wedding over Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas. I booked my hotel reservations for Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd, since the wedding is on Saturday. Then last night I'm talking to Colleen M., the bride to be, and she asks what my schedule is. I tell her get in Friday and leave Sunday. She laughs and says "you can't leave Sunday, that's the wedding..." and then pauses ...

I'm waiting for her to say "just fucking with ya, it's saturday." meanwhile, she 's waiting for me to say "of course, just fucking with ya, i know it's sunday."

after about 30 seconds we both realize, that i'm an idiot. so now i have to fix this mess up.

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