Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm an analog guy in a digital world

I try not to let this blog become a forum for me to bitch about all the ways I've been slighted by the world or screwed over by our consumerist society. And yet, this time I need to vent a little.

During our grad school reunion I was a little stupid and forgot to bring my digital camera to the coyote ugly-lite, bull-riding bar, so I shot Zapruder footage on my cell phone. And while we were scamming around Newhouse III (complete with sponsored conversation areas) I also found myself good-cameraless. So again, cell phone cam to the rescue.

Afterward, of course, I wanted to send these photos and the bull-riding video to my friends who also attended the reunion. This meant signing up for Sprint's data-sharing type service, which is like $5 a month beyond my normal service. I authorize this through my phone and then proceed to email myself the video and the pictures.

I opened my cell phone bill yesterday. Usually it's about $50 a month (with taxes), this time it was ...


I was charged per 3 KB of data that I transmitted. In the end, that meant $74+ in data plan fees. I am not angry at Sprint because I feel as though I were deceived or misled. I failed to do the research on the data plan I activated. I see this whole episode more as a case of me not being meant for data plans. Or iPhones, which Dave was pushing me (his token Macphile friend) to buy today.

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