Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weak ass blogger

I suck. I haven't posted much this month. The last few entries have been stolen videos from YouTube. But in August I'm debuting a new blog theme. I'm going to track all my expenses for the month. Everything. Every stop for gas. Every trip to Coffee Bean. Every Sprite while shopping.

One of two things will happen, both of which are good. I will get a great picture of my typical monthly spending habits so that I can start checking myself after a month of hate-myself-for-being-so-irresponsbile spending OR I will be so self-conscious of knowing that I'm outing all my spending I'll check myself while blogging.

In the meantime three quick things ...

This is my friend Amanda's blog, which is about her efforts to lead a greener and more planet-friendly life. She's a great blogger, in that she's got a tight focus to her blog and great writing voice.

Is this the clip of Feist singing a modified version of "1,2,3,4" on Sesame Street not the cutest video ever? Almost makes me want to have kids, so that I can teach them to count to four using it. I am linking rather than embedding because this is the Sesame Street YouTube version on their channel.

If you like the brilliant little-girl voiced harpistry of Joanna Newsom then check out Emily Wells. She's not a harpist, but rather a violin player and multi-instrumentalist who uses keys on loops to create amazing modern folk-rock music symphonies.

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