Monday, September 22, 2008

My memory is only kinda good nowadays

I've needed Shead Spread Country Crock for more than two weeks. I have been to a grocery store or Target (where they also sell it), at least five times since I ran out. I have failed to buy it every time. But hey at least I remembered the aluminum foil today, which along with the Blistex I bought, cost me $8.51 at Target today. I also spent $8 at lunch and $37+ on gasoline filling up my tank.

Oddly, speaking of memory, I recently surprised the shit out of my friend Kerri, as I remembered that she was listening to a James tape like 19 years ago when we were at All-Erie-County music festival. WTF? Why is my brain power so poorly allocated?

I hate Sarah Palin and John McCain, but I no longer fear them. Barack Obama is going to win. I feel it in the same way that I knew the Buffalo Bills were going to comeback against the Raiders yesterday.

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Mal-o-Mar said...

I spent $300 dollars on tin foil once. I wrapped my friend's living room in shiny metallic beauty.

And now back to Aristotle...

ALANA by way of Bates College Ladd Library