Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dear Barack,

Is it possible to have "the most inclusive, open, accessible inauguration in American history" (as Obama spokeswoman Linda Douglass called it) when the opening prayer (the actual definition of "invocation" Hello? Church || State sep?), is being given by Rick Warren, leader of an evangelical ministry that strongly promotes intolerant values?

As CNN's story
points out, Warren supported Prop. 8, which stole the right to marry from same-sex couples, and opposes guaranteeing women the right to determine for themselves how to control their bodies and health. OK, maybe CNN didn't use the words.

But does tolerance of diveristy mean biting your tongue in the face of those who preach intolerance? Who preach that one form of love is blessed in the eyes of a scientifically unprovable being while the other is eternally condemnable?

I say that it does NOT. Each of us eventually is confronted with challenges to our assumed values (the premises on which we base all our arguments/belief systems) and when facing those challenges, perhaps we have to respond with a similar ideal(ogue)ism.

So while I am still thrilled with your election night win, your nominations for the Cabinet and other key appointed posts and the prospect of you occupying the Oval Office and representing our country on the world stage, I am deeply disappointed in your selection of Rick Warren to usher in your presidency. What happened to the man who said that he opposed Prop. 8 because of its divisive nature? How can he include the man who would divide us?

I suppose it could be argued that my lack of Christian faith preculdes me from understanding one of Christ's New Testament teachings about loving thine enemy. But I would assert that it's taking a stand and defending my core beliefs.

I think this explains why I'm dealing with toughest editing challenge right now. I've got a student who supported Prop. 8 because of his conservative Christian upbringing. I want desperately to help him write his story in the clearest and most effective way possible so that everyone (including and especially liberals like me) can get a better understanding of what drives his ideas. But honestly, I just can't accept the premise that who someone loves is morally wrong.


At least Rick Warren would support the cause highlighted in today's holiday song flashback.


And I've always loved the coordinated, rhythmic leaning at 2:47.

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