Sunday, February 08, 2009

The times they are-a changing

During college was the first time my name became a verb, more precisely my last name. To get "fric---ed" meant to be the first person who passed out at a party; or at least got the most intoxicated.

This past week at work, my first name acquired a new definition. "Doing/pulling a mike" first meant getting up to go to the bathroom during a meeting. My co-worker got up during a meeting and said "I've got to do a Mike."

"What?" I asked.

"I have to use the bathroom."


Then this morning I got an e-mail from the same co-worker noting that last night she stayed home (even though it was Saturday) by herself rather than go out. Here's the exact reference:

I pulled a Mike and stayed home last night. I was so tired from getting up early for the panel so it was what I needed.

WTF???? I've suddenly become a 78-year-old man. Maybe if I give up the ghost at like 57 that won't be a bad thing.


Newspaper recommendations:

L.A. Times story about how evolution is happening faster now than before (even in humans). EXCELLENT.

L.A. Times opinion piece in which teens from Israel and Palestine are interviewed about the prospects for peace. FRIGHTENING in its honesty. And a great job of bringing youth voices into the newspaper.

Hooray for the L.A. Times hat trick. Here's an incredibly powerful and moving story about a straight, Mormon father of three and the friendship he formed with a lesbian priest. Douglas Hunter, the Mormon filmmaker, taught me a lot through this story about his friendship with a lesbian priest at a liberal church in Pasadena. First off, he's exactly what Barack Obama had in mind when he talked about the necessity of learning from those who think differently. He taught me that I have a long way to go to become a more open-mided person. And he gave me some hope that people are good.


And finally, the Grammys suck. I respect Sir Paul a ton—The Beatles are probably the most influential rock band ever—but I Saw Her Standing There in 2009? He was nominated this year, ya know? But who the fuck knows for what, because this awards show does NOTHING to celebrate the year in music that the awards are for.

And I'll never forgive Jethro Tull over Metallica in Best Heavy Metal when I was in junior high.

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