Monday, May 11, 2009

Collected stuff

• I've gotta pass along this fabulous NYTimes story about doing Portland, Oregon on a budget. The coolest thing for me with this story is that pretty much every restaurant noted in it was new to me. I've blogged before about drinking and eating and in general enjoying all that my second-favorite city has to offer and traveled around the Rose city several times with my old college roommate, Bill. After reading the Frugal Traveler's piece I want so badly to head back this summer. Perhaps I can squeeze a few dollars out of my bank account and fund a four-day trip in June?

• Also, speaking of things progressive and green, I have to again recommend my coworkers blog about her efforts to be verdant. In her latest entries she writes about the perils of paperless billing, saving water through shorter showers and de-cataloging herself. [I really like this blog because it's written by someone who is a professional writer and has a goal/theme/point, unlike mine, not that I don't like mine, but ... nevermind.]

• And lastly, I can't get enough of the new Metric album, Fantasies. You can listen to the entire thing at and also watch some videos and hear an acoustic version of "Help, I'm Alive." Right now, Fantasies and Middle Cyclone are my two fave albums of 2009. I haven't acquired the latest Decemberists CD or Lily Allen's or Camera Obscura's but I don't see how I could like them more.

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