Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Apple people are proud to be anti-Microsoft snobs

I love this video. With the in-your-face age, racial and gender diversity, too-well-rehearsed "uhs" and "likes," desperately random (Clarice) pans and zooms, painfully faux-extemporaneous "oh and ..." afterthoughts, creepy fourth-wall violating do-I-look-at-the-camera-now-confusion, JC Penney wardrobe in the Home Depot Kitchen, and enough fake laughing to fill an NFL pre-game studio show if it was composed of every networks' crew, Microsoft's "how to host your own Windows 7 launch party" video takes the concept of unintentional comedy to quanta that I didn't know existed. It's like discovering a singularity-dense collection of dark matter that is the source of all other unintentional comedy. The best thing, though, is who the fuck host's an at-home launch party for a fucking computer operating system? I'll tell you who doesn't ... Apple devotees.


I wish I could fathom why I haven't blogged so much in the past two months. Mostly work-related exhaustion. Sadly, the older I get the more the five-month sprint from July-November takes out of me and the earlier in the race that I start really feeling the drain. Because I have had things that I want(ed) to blog about ... like my amazing first trip to San Francisco (amazing everything, especially food and friends) town; a woman in Africa who continues to wear pants despite that being against the law; the opening of a new university in Saudi Arabia that has me genuinely excited to about continuing my education in a different part of the world; the joy of being surprised at a rock show (by Phoenix); discovering a former student's excellent blog about her experiences living and studying in India. I hope that by typing those post ideas down I shall force myself to write them, particularly since a couple are related to emails I've promised to send. I'm the let-downer friend. Argh, I never wanted to be that guy.

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clrobins42 said...

OMG. This video comes off like the worst corporate icebreaker ever. Priceless.