Friday, May 28, 2010

I love TV (too much?)

My favorite show ever, Lost, and one of my other all-timers, 24, just ended their runs. And Fringe has ended its season. Yet the tube still has its hooks in me. Thanks to its ridiculously long hiatus, Glee is still going for two more weeks, which means that it runs up against my first trip overseas. EVER.

The season finale airs the night I leave on a red eye from L.A. to NYC while on my way to Iceland. (btw, just booked my volcano tour to the unpronounceable volcano). And the Top Chef Season 7 premiere airs the night I get back from Iceland. We have a DVR, so I won't miss anything, but dammit I thought that after this week the idea of appointment TV would really be past tense.

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