Monday, November 14, 2005

Avoiding slopes and the importance of Bon Jovi songs

So I've made it my goal to not become the guy who starts something with enthusiasm and then fades fast and easy. And yet, I've started posting less frequently already. I think part of that is because I don't want this to become a strictly political blog and lately, that's where I felt I was being pulled. In an effort to be more multi-faceted with this blog, I am going to try and keep the political stuff to just two days a week, unless something huge happens. But this is me and I give myself just a 30 percent chance of adhering to that. Quick belated props to Condoleeza Rice for helping broker a compromise between the Palestinians and Israelis. Engaging in the international community through hard work and diplomacy works. whothefuckwouldathunkthat?

Now on to today's entry ...

As I've said before (at least I hope have), moving to Los Angeles is one of the two best decisions of my life (along with joining the Pride of Arizona in college). I've found a job that I truly love going to every morning--a purrfect combination of journalism, computer geekiness and most importantly teaching (without being a certificated teacher and with it dealing with all the attendant rules and regs), as well as been able to indulge my music jones by finally becoming someone who goes to concerts and introduces his friends to great music (yeah, the former intellectual snob, now gets to be a practicing music snob, who also listens to def leppard and deborah gibson), inline skate for 10+ miles every weekend and most importantly i've met some truly amazing people.

I was able to rediscover my best friend from high school, walk along as he met, dated and fell in love with his now wife (one of the few Republicans that I truly love--gotta get behind anyone who loves Rent, Harry Potter and watching the Oscar pre-show), one of the two funniest people I've ever met and so many others--especially my own kids. But perhaps my favorite person that I've met out here, our designer at L.A. Youth, might be pulling the Garden State and heading back to her Midwestern place of origin.

From Amy I've rethought my conceptions of friendship, family, love, music snobbery, parenting, pop culture, karakoe, abortion, xmas and art. not bad, eh? Soon we're going to journey with some of our fave people as they confront the difference between doing what is good and what is easy. Perhaps we can learn something from them. I know at least to never say goodbye, even if we do end up 1,200 miles apart.


Gross, goofy coda to today's posting

On my way to buy Goblet of Fire tickets Thursday night (for a Friday show), I had a most unfortunate adventure. was walking along 3rd Street, which is a pretty standard street in Los Angeles street, curb, grassy strip, sidewalk, more grass/trees then buildings. Well, I had walked about two blocks when and was about to cross the street when I noticed that most unmistakeable smell of animal shit. I looked down to make sure that I hadn't stepped in anything, and thankfully I hadn't. I kept walking assuming that I'd escape in a few steps. But instead it's getting worse and 10 steps after that even worse. I look down at my shoes again and i'm clean on the soles of my shoes, but at this point not in my lungs. As I'm looking down I notice that the grass between the sidewalk and the curb has been replanted. So i'm assuming that they're fertilizing. What makes this short junior highesque story even better is that I got to repeat it when I came back.

In closing I'm gonna pimp for USA Network on Thanksgiving and burning off tryptothan -- Bring It On, Coyote Ugly, Meet the Parents, American Pie 2 (and unfortunately, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). But except for the unfortunate pairing of Penny Lane and nakedbongopothead is like 10 hours of comedic bliss.

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