Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shame on us: Apparently it is about who they are ...

Senate to Gitmo enemy combatants: DROP Your Appeals DEAD!!

The NYTimes reports today that five "moderate" Democratic Senators voted to support "moderate" Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's proposal to deny of enemy combatants held at Gitmo the the right to appeal their incarcerations in the United States Court System.

"A foreign national who is captured and determined to be an enemy combatant in the world war on terrorism has no more right to a habeas corpus appeal to our courts than did a captured soldier of the Axis powers during World War II," Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Democrat of Connecticut, said in a statement. [With Democrats defending civil liberties like that, who needs Dick Cheney?]

Spokesman for Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) as quoted in the NYTimes: "He thinks they should stay in the military tribunal system, and if that system is broken, we should fix it, not move them out of it," said David DiMartino, a spokesman for Senator Nelson. [Buck stops where?]

Let know one say that this is solely a pro-Democratic blog.

More coming later today, because dammit this is a news-filled Saturday

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