Monday, March 27, 2006

Should read this ...

It's Today's Papers, which rounds up the A sections of the major national papers: NYTimes, LATimes, WSJ, WashPost and USAT. Some amazing stuff in these papers today. We've got the federal government giving away $7 billion to the oil industry (which is smarter than the government); more evidence in the case against the worst President ever sending thousands to their unlawful and morally reprehensible deaths over his lies and delusions; the inevitability of avian flu; more on the immigration debate; frightening, though not surprising, revelations about BigBrother Bureau tracking liberals, er, terrorists, who would dare throw a bottle at a protest; and genetically engineered clone pigs (coming soon chickens and cows!)

Happy Monday.

P.S. if the Sabres don't win today I'm gonna fucking puke in my mouth. All they need to ask themselves is what would Jack Bauer do?

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