Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I fucking hate allergies. Without a doubt the worst thing about moving to California has been the allergies. I've barely had them in my life, until I moved out here. Now I keep separate packs of Claritin in my home, car and desk at work. WTF? Or what the fuck for the ignorant, which would include one of my students.

Ironically, he thought I had better morals than to use such a profanity. If he only knew ... right, Eric Keller's dad?

Btw, if I could be anyone, I usually say Derek Jeter, Matt Damon or Tom Brady. My new choice is Neko Case. To be so talented and so individualistic. ahhhhhh

lastly, R.I.P. Edgar Stiles and Tony Almeida. Jack, let not their deaths be in vain.


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