Thursday, March 01, 2007

I wanna grow up and not live like a kid anymore (Toys R Us or otherwise)

Here are pix of the new apartment:

The kitchen, duh! Note the new cabinetry and the sparkling new appliances and the marble tile flooring (also new).

The sink. Note the button on top of the nozzle that I'm pushing to change the standard faucet pour into a showery spray. Ahhhhhh. Also, this picture doesn't do it justice but the nozzle pulls out of the faucet, like a detachable showerhead. NOICE.

Brand new, energy-saving, front-loading washer. I think this is something that's actually nicer than my parents.

Not sexy, but it's the marble floor and also the hardwood (laminate) floors. Eat your heart out crappy wall-to-wall.

The living room and the roommates. Andrew is lying down on the couch and Curtis is staring at him.

More living room. Note the kitchen table with chairs in the background. And a coffee table and two couches and general open floorage.

Another perspective on the living room. Note the nice DVD rack and kick-ass audio hook up to the television. Someday a DLP shall be mine.

Bedroom. Snore. Btw, those are Egyptian cotton sheets, 300 thread count and a 400 thread count comforter.

The bookshelf/CD wall shelving unit. The red thing on the left is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And on the right you can see the laptop on my first desk since living in Syracuse.

These reflected images give you a better sense of how the bedroom is laid out.


The $40 coup de grace. I got this wire pantry rack at Target for $39.99. Can you believe it? It's awesomeness.

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Steph said...

I am particularly fond of the decorative saw-horse arrangement in the bed room. That's the sign of the truely evolved.