Thursday, May 03, 2007

More reason than ever to fight the good fight

New Paltz Mayor Jason West, the guy who risked jail time to perform same-sex marriages in New York State a few years ago, lost in his re-election bid.

The President has already threatened to veto the House Bill that would add "sexual orientation" to the laws protecting against hate crimes. It's really sad that what is one of the last seemingly acceptable-to-display-in-public -isms (homophobia/gayism -- instead of racism) continues to be endorsed. I can't imagine that Don Imus would have gotten canned had he called the Rutgers women's basketball team members some derogatory word implying that they're lesbians.
The worst part is that the Republicans claim that this legislation is not needed. Why because like 8 people consider themselves Log Cabin Republicans? WTF?

It forces me to recall a story one of my students wrote about guys being afraid to see Brokeback Mountain. In the story she talks about the "brokeback" became yet another perjorative term insulting a guy's perceived sexuality.

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