Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A celebration of democracy, right?

News stories were saying that California had a record turnout. That's a good thing, but when the people in the state you live in pass a series of propositions that allow Indian casinos to expand their slot machine counts to exceed Las Vegas while allegedly "guaranteeing" the state some money even though casinos have been shown to have little measureable effect on improving conditions on reservations and these measures in particular enrich just four of more than 100 tribes, well, I can see why some argue for benevolent dictators.

But Barack did well overall, netting at least 40 percent in every state that I saw as of this writing, while Hillary failed to garner that figure in three states. How this shakes out in the delegate count will be for tomorrow. So that's a good thing. But like with Super Bowls, my candidates and ballot measures usually suck it in the end. :( At least I voted for Bill Clinton in 1996.

Along with Barbara Boxer and Bill Lockyer, virtually the only candidates I've ever supported who actually won. I guess I voted for Schwarzenegger last election. Oh well. Democracy rules!

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