Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's only the fate of the world at stake ...

If you live in a state having a primary on Tuesday, VOTE.

In California we'll be deciding whether to increase institutional working memory in the state legislature and at least slightly curtail the perpetual cycle of running for a new office, which term limits have dictated. We'll also be deciding whether to further restrict discretionary spending in the state budget by making another guarantee on funding levels, this time for community colleges. This is laudable as an end, but the means cannot be justified. Much of our $14-plus-billion deficit projection for next year is because of ballot-prop-mandated spending.

Finally in California we'll be deciding whether something that can lead to economic ruin and mental illness (addiction) should be how we try to balance the budget. The governor and certain Indian tribes call this approval of additional slot machines. NO WAY. All we're doing is taking money from California residents (most of the people gambling in the California casions aren't tourists and most aren't particularly wealthy) who need it most and giving to the state via the tribes.

Los Angeles County voters can find their their polling places by clicking here.

Information on the California ballot propositions from the non-partisan League of Women Voters.

Los Angeles Times politics and who/what the Times is endorsing.

San Jose Mercury News endorsements.

New York Times politics site.

Someone once said that every day you make a difference in your life, so make sure to make it a good one. On Tuesday most of us will have an opportunity to make a difference in all our lives. Get out and vote. Two-hundred-thirty-two years ago men and women died for their revolution of freedom and liberty. Let their sacrifices, wisdom, idealism and courage not be in vain.

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