Monday, April 07, 2008

Beginning of the life purge

Too much stuff. Like too many Americans, I have too much stuff. More than 400 CDs, like 30 seasons of television and about 50 movies on DVD, a closet full of clothes, three shelves of books, and boxes of surplus shit in my closets. It's out of hand. The sad thing is that most of the stuff doesn't see the light of day. So today begins the purge. I've been excited about this for weeks, having to fight the urge to start at like 1 a.m.

So far today ...

Seven t-shirts (all at least large and several extra large). One pair of jeans. One pair of dress pants. One long-sleeve t-shirt. One button down shirt. And that was the quick beginning. All the clothes are headed to Goodwill.

I just pulled three more CDs, to go with the 11 I have already allocated for getting rid of. The best thing with these is that I can rip the songs I want into my iTunes library and get rid of the hardware. Speaking of that I need to add to the three. I just added nine more. The comprehensive list:
The Tragically Hip: Up to Here -- Love these guys. But I've owned this for years and listened to it once? I have lots of others by them that I listen to more.
The Thrills: So Much for the City -- Liked this. Robert Hilbun, legendary LATimes pop music critic really pushed it. But never really took off for me.
Best of the Thompson Twins -- I'll iTunes "Hold Me Now" and "Doctor, Doctor."
Britney Spears: Oops! and Baby One More Time -- I'll iTunes the singles. But there is some real filler crap, just like most pop CDs.
Sarah McLachlan: Remixed -- I love Sarah and have since she was 19 and no one had heard of her and long before she became lite rock. This remix album is weak. I'm not huge into remixes. My old default position of owning everything by an act I love is coming to a close.
Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan: Ballad of the Broken Seas -- I expected lots more from the former Belle and Sebastian singer collaborating with Screaming Trees guy. Kinda boring.
Dramarama: Cinema Verite -- A landmark band. "Anything, Anything" is one of the best songs ever. The rest of this album isn't that memorable to me. I'll iTunes it though.
Indigo Girls: Come On Now Social -- Love the Indigo Girls. This one didn't resonate. Not the really memorably melodies.
My Brightest Diamond: Bring Me the Workhorse -- Pitchfork really liked. Sufjan had her open. Another album lacking in memorable melody and kinda bored me.
Tennis: Laundromat -- This was sent to us for free. It was less bad than the usual. I took that as me liking it.
Melissa Ferrick: Massive Blur -- Bought this in college when I listened to anything recorded by a woman sending off an alt-rock vibe. This is bad chicken though.

Sadly, I am dumping only one DVD. Spider-Man Deluxe Edition.

The rest of today's efforts will include going through boxes in my closet and under my bed. Today I am dumping the clothes at Goodwill and archiving on iTunes. The media get resold at Amoeba on 4.19, which is national record store day.

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