Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 7: Reykjavik

On my last day, I've got until just after lunch I need to catch the shuttle to Keflavik Airport. I hope to soak up the city one last time before I leave. Of course, it's sunnier this day than any since I've been there. The night before I debated what my last meal should be, but Courtney smartly pointed out that I need to make my last meal memorable. This meant back to the Fiskfelagid Fish Company. This time I skipped the soup and the beer and ended up with another AMAZING Salted Cod with Saffron for only $15! Maybe I should quit drinking just so I can eat better? Nah, otherwise I never would have taken that super cool Eagle Rock Brewery photo at the Gullfoss or gotten hooked up with the three free pint glasses.

The highlight of the day was Bad Taste Records. It's the retail store associated with Bad Taste Records, which is the label that Björk was on way back in the day. I heard an amazing version of the Sugarcubes' song "Birthday" recorded in Icelandic and bought a copy of the special Icelandic compilation it's on. I got the double CD for just $9.45. WHOOOOO.

This discovery is in part attributed to Lindsay, too. I had stumbled into Bad Taste earlier in the week but it's tiny and was outta there pretty fast. But she mentioned that there was a Björk album that was released only in Iceland and thought it might be cool to find it. I did some digging online for it and discovered the name of the record label Bad Taste and figured that that would be a good place to look for some good native tunes. And voila!

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