Friday, June 11, 2010

Iceland Day 2: Reykjavik

Another rough morning because despite whatever fatigue I feel at around 11 p.m. local time, my body has no interest in sleeping at 3 a.m. local time, because to me that's only 8 p.m. Damn you, human body.

But since I knew that I wanted to schedule a day-tour Saturday and those typically start early in the morning, I was happy when I woke up around 9:30 a.m. and with only about 4ish hours sleep. Perhaps I would finally get my body clock close to local time?

I kept today light. Despite my earlier arousal, I still missed the comp. breakfast in the hotel lobby. I headed to one of the tourist info centers to book tomorrow's trip and settled on the Golden Circle. There are so many tour companies that I was glad to get some advice from a local tourism rep. She said that the bigger companies charge more and are typically a little less flexible with the trip because the busses are big and packed with so many people. The smaller companies are usually just as good, though, and cheaper and might be a little more flexible if the people on the tour have some general consensus about perhaps extending a stay for a bit. I booked with Netbus, based on this recommendation. I saved about $30. Not bad.

Other than that I tried to find the Reykjavik Art Museum but no luck. I forgot my city guide in the hotel. :( And since my right foot was cramping a bit I didn't have it in me to extend my already very long walk even further without a certain destination in mind. I did get these pictures though.

This is one leg of a sculpture of a Viking ship as one faces north toward mountains and some of the bluest water I've ever seen.

And the most random American export I could have imagined ...

Ruby Tuesday, seriously? I think even Amherst, NY has avoided the RT. Granted every other chain has inhabited Amherst, but still. Also saw at least another three or four A-Team bus stop signs and two Domino's and tons of Domino's signs. The search for pizza here was snake eyes. I had lunch at Pomodoro Rosso and went for a four-cheese pizza because everything else was super meaty. Amazing langoustine soup, OK pizza. It was a white pizza, which I should have noticed on the menu. I need red sauce or to me, it's not even worthy of being called pizza.

For a while I was the only one there. Eventually a family of four and couple also joined me, but it was very spare. Felt badly for the two people I saw working there.

Had dinner at B5 again. The lunch had me feeling kinda queasy stomach wise so a straight up veggie burger and plain fries seemed sensible and also cheap after last night's fine dining experience. I also remembered to pick up some sunscreen since my face is now quite pink.

Despite it being Friday night (almost 10 p.m. here) and the first night of the weekend night's pub crawl, I am chiling tonight. I have to be up early and I think am finally sufficiently tired to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. And I don't want to sleep away the bus ride since we'll be going through stunning country.

Signing off. Didn't learn any new Icelandic words today. :(

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