Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best, worst-smelling show ever

Saw KT Tunstall Thursday night, which was awesome. She's Scottish and you can download a free video performance of he on the Today Show. It's available on iTunes. I highly recommend it. The show was great, except for one thing. I, along with my friends Dave and Scott (the main concert buddies), tend to be very respectful of personal space at shows. In fact, it's to our detriment that we allow walking on the street personal space when in a Los Angeles rock club, like the Troubadour. So after a few songs, three woman slide into the space between Dave and I and the people standing in front of us. So the nice sightlines I had carved out for my 5-foot 4-inch self because a crystal clear view of this one woman's hat. It was fucking awesome.

But here's where the story takes its unfortunate turn. After a few more songs the hat-wearing woman directly in front of me turns to say something in the ear of her friend on her right. I cannot hear what hat-woman has said, but I can clearly hear her friend's reply.

"It's OK to fart at a rock show."
NO IT FUCKING IS NOT. NOT WHEN THAT FUCKING FART ENVELOPS ME. But alas, it did. Luckily, this appears to be of the non-malodorous variety, and I am spared the smell of anything untoward, though my imagination is still forcing shivers up and down my spine.

Well the rest of the show was pretty awesome. Tunstall even seemed to get the too-cool-for-school Trouabdour crowd pretty riled up, which was especially amazing considering that her album hasn't even been released yet. Yet people still clapped along to songs and cheered when they recognized songs they had heard online or on KCRW (the world's best radio station).

So the show ends and she heads to the green room to catch her breath before doing the encore. At this point, the night takes a really bad turn. There's a smell. A very unpleasant smell. Fuck that, a fucking gross stench. It smells like I've been enveloped by a shitty-smeared ass. The woman in front of me must have farted again, except this time, vengeance was had by her lower tract. I darted away toward my friend Dave, who was standing alongside the stage. He had left to buy another beer earlier and couldn't even get back to our spot on the floor. (show was sold out).

In the end, a fantastic show. But a roller coaster night.

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