Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am so Lost again

i liked this episode a lot. my fave of the year i think. what i liked is that things turned this season on its head. we need to remember that they've been on the island for just 50 days or so, right? as claire said last week, they don't know each other and they're not friends. and people who have been bad dudes for decades (Sawyer) won't become good guys to a bunch of strangers in 50 days, right?

and charlie going bad, obvious. his flashbacks have shown that he's a remarkably weak person. and it was good to see locke shown up publicly. i am honestly still intrigued by his character, but i also think he's a self-righteous moron who is being too isolated from the rest of the peeps. jack seems to more usually acting in the common good of all.

but what i loved most about this episode is how well it all locked in. after the fact if you replay sawyer's conversation with kate, in which she asked him to talk to locke, he was revealing that he was gonna be the bad guy, because it paralleled perfectly with his flashback of telling cassidy that the key to the long con is getting someone to ask you to do something that was your idea all along. and how charlie locked in as weak of character. i am also very glad that sun wasn't actually abducted.

the flashback was kinda boring, but it served it's purpose. it foreshadowed/paralleled tonight's episode and re-established that as viewers we need to consider their flashbacks/pasts as much as we consider their present island actions when judging them.

what do you think will happen with the guns? and also with the heroin? i didn't really buy locke's explanation of why he saved the mary statues. also, interesting that a vulnerability of locke's was exposed. when he's nervous, genuinely nervous as he was when he thought jack was coming for the guns, he's sloppy (allowing loser charlie to follow him unnoticed).

what else? oh yeah, evangeline lilly was kinda exposed as out of her depth a bit as an actress. she didn't have the gravitas to pull of her interactions on the beach with sawyer.


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