Tuesday, August 29, 2006


OK, my new thang to decorporatize myself, even just the littlest bit, is to buy CDs from less well-known, indie artists directly from the small, less well-known record labels that are discovering and promoting these artists and releasing their albums. Sometimes it means goodies, like a stickers and a free 7-inch (which I have little use for sans turntable) with Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat (I also got this a few days early), or a poster and airline wings from Camera Obscura's Let's Get Out of This Country, but mostly it means that Best Buy and Circuit City aren't making any more money from me. Incidentally, the cost is typically about a wash. The discs are often cheaper, but the shipping adds up. With the Pipettes that meant getting it much earlier, but as an import, ergo more expensively. It turns out that iTunes had We Are the Pipettes in the U.S. store the same day the CD was released in the U.K. and it was just $9.99, but then no liner notes, etc.

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