Friday, December 15, 2006

He buys, he scores!

Went to the Los Angeles Kings-San Jose Sharks game Tuesday night at Staples Center. As Scott and I finished our free Domino's we walked by a souvenir stand. Scott took a quick peek at the lapel pins to see if any were worth adding to his collection. They had some decent ones but he passed. While he was assessing those I noticed the collection of team pucks and immediately looked for the Sabres, in part to note whether the new logo would still piss me off.

After a couple seconds, no Sabres. Huh? We're only the best team in the Eastern Conference and arguably best team in the league? And since this is L.A. I knew they weren't sold out of them. But then at the top (where they belong) I did find the Sabres ... it's just that it was the old logo. YAY!!

"Excuse me," I said to the sales associate. "Is that the Sabres puck that you're selling?"


"How much?"


(giddyness. It has become my mission to collect memorabilia with the non Barney Rubble-hairpiece logo.)

He crouches down to grab the puck from the case behind him. He hesitates when he opens the Rubbermaid-type container. I'm nervous, because I know that his stash has the new pucks. I wonder whether the display case puck will be for sale.

"We have different ones," he says as he turns and rises.

"Well, I want that one," I reply as I point to the one in the case. I can't imagine why it would be a problem, but still ...

"Sure thing. Same price."


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