Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last minute grammar/language police

Spot the error:

That Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco will win and win big in the playoffs and finally shut us all up. Oh and that we in the media finally recognize that Doug Armstrong is a far better general manager having never played a game in then NHL then anyone who played but can't manage in today's business environment.

It's in the final sentence, the "then" should be a "than." This is one of my ultimate pet-peeve mistakes, and it was commmitted by my favorite hockey writer:'s (and former Buffalo News scribe) Jim Kelley. Or perhaps by the copy editor who looked at his column.

Dammit, I just found this one:

The Florida Panthers hereby resolve to stop being run like a Dick Chaney hunting party and make credibility, not chaos, their No.1 target. Oh and to free Oli Jokinen from the coaching shackles of Jacques Martin. Finding a way to explain why the four-to-eight week rehab for Todd Bertuzzi is in Week 13 is also on the agenda. Oh and an assistant GM will be onboard before season's end as well (Anybody in Florida got Mike Murphy's phone number?) We could go on, but then even the Internet isn't boundless.

Kill me now and believe me later:

That the St. Louis Blues will be patient not just with the team they have to deconstruct but with the fact that John Davidson knows more about media then he does about team building and that given time both will get to where they need to be.


Happy Almost New Year!

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