Monday, April 23, 2007

Easy way to raise money for autism research

Peter King at mentioned this in his Monday Morning Quarterback Column:

i. Chances are you know someone with an autistic child. I know a few, and they're trying to raise money for autism research by asking people to watch a Five For Fighting music video online. If you click on this link and watch this video, you'll be generating 49 cents for autism research, so please do it if you have the time.

--My nephew Alex is autistic (that's him in the picture with Sabre co-captian Chris Drury). I love Alex. He's pure joy. I wish I could do more, but 2,000 miles away, I feel powerless almost all the time when it comes to Alex.

So check out It's a site that raises money for various causes, like autism research or VH-1's Save the Music, which raises money for instrumental music education in public schools. All you have to do is watch user-created videos that promote awareness of the causes. They're all heartfelt, some will make some of you cry, some are little over-the-top. But it's easy. I'm not sure exactly how it works. It says that you can raise up to 49 cents by watching videos. I don't know if that means you gotta watch all of them or what? But you can leave the videos playing in one browser tab while you do the rest of your Web browsing.

Check out Rodrigo y Gabriela!

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