Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Game on

The hockey playoffs have started and I've barely blogged because I've been buried in work. Guess that happens when you get a promotion.

But first I made these a while ago (promise)

sabres in 5 -- this is 2-1 sabres
devils in 6 -- this is 2-1 lightning
thrashers in 7 -- this is 3-0 rangers (and the games haven't been close)
pens in 6 -- this is 3-1 sens

wings in 6 -- this is 2-1 wings
ducks in 5 (though i could see Wild taking this one in a LONG series) -- this is 3-1 ducks
canucks in 6 (turco has to show me now) -- this is 3-1 canucks
Preds in 6 (Thornton also has to show me) -- this is 2-1 sharks

these are robbie thompson's picks (and he's a far more knowledgeable hockey guy than I)
Sabres in 5
NJ in 6
NYR in 6
Pit in 6

Wings in 5
Anaheim in 7 (i actually think this might be the upset of the first round and Min could pull it out...)
Dal in 6
SJ in 5 (could go either way, especially if Jumbo Joe does his usual disappearing act, but i just hate the Preds)

But lastly in honor of the playoffs, enjoy ...

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