Monday, September 10, 2007

Best feeling in a long while ...

... humbled. I was recently completely disarmed by a friend's kind words about me. It was almost indescribable, but definitely so waaaay cool and welcome. I think more people should feel this way more often. It's such an amazing thing to be without guile or sarcasm or irony or schadenfreude. It was a pure moment. I've thanked this person, but still ...


Sad about the Bills. :( But much sadder about what happened to back-up tight end Kevin Everett, who was injured during a helment-on-helmet collision. He was stretchered off the field while immobilized and according to reports had a long, emergency surgery on his neck. He was in critical condition on a respirator. They have wisely been very guarded about the prognosis, b/c it's waaay too early. But thus far there was even question as to whether he'd walk again. I give the Denver Broncos credit ... before going into his Q&A session with the media, Bronco kicker Jason Elam (who won the game on a time-expiring FG) said that his team's prayers were with Everett.

Such an expression of genuine concern rooted in what I am sure is an empathy shared by men who play such a violent sport reminds me that the shared love of people can transcend religion. So why must we fight over God?

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