Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some very good new music

Since moving to Los Angeles I've definitely become more and more of a snob—NPR, tofu, organic food, loving-ultra-high-fuel-efficiency vehicles, not setting foot in Wal-Mart, and probably especially music. I like to say that I'm not a music snob and certainly try never to begrudge people their tastes, for what moves someone emotionally is what moves someone emotionally and to shit on that is to invalidate someone's feelings.

But after five years of the Troubadour, KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Indie 103.1 and friends like Dave, Monika, Amy, Machiko, Andrea and Katie I couldn't help but develop more distinctive and obscure tastes. Most of the concerts I've been to in the last five years are for bands most of my non-L.A. friends have never or hardly heard of. This honestly makes me sad ... for the artists whom I wish got more exposure and for my non-L.A. friends who I wish had more easy access to great music. And sadly, the Internet doesn't quite count, b/c they all have high-speed Net, but with fams, jobs and such it's not exactly easy to find the time. I get that now.

So first check out Passport Approved. It's a syndicated radio show, which of course originates in Los Angeles. The show features new stuff from the next-big-things. Sure most won't amount to much, but you can at least say that you were there first for those that do. The show is how I learned about Candie Payne. She's a bit loungey and with a hint of that retro-beat sound, but with a bit more desperation and less sunniness.

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