Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I LOVE WEATHER (and amazing Rilo Kiley songs)

Humane heat conditions have returned to the Westside. Yay!

Late tonight one of my former students asked me a Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis lyrics-related question. While trying to hunt down the answer I started playing random RK songs and realized how much I don't feel as if Under the Blacklight holds up. I still give it a B or B-, but this is a band that I love. That has made me feel like William Blakeishly attaining "higher innocence" when I listen to some of their songs. And I'm sad and a bit disappointed that the new album doesn't make me do that.

I think the detailed review is coming this week.

But if you're able go listen to "With Arms Outstretched" or "Wires and Waves."

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