Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm not dead ...

... I've just been basking in traffic, lines, over-worked/underpaid customer service reps, spending, lazing and video-gaming ... in other words the Holidays. Over Thanksgiving the roommates equipped us with an HDTV, Wii and Xbox 360. YIKES! They're all fab. I told two friends to call me to invite me to do something OUT every week to make sure I get out of the house. I've been pretty good about that. But this week has had lots of Wii, lots of Wii.

Though I did find time to finish my best of 2007 CD. I love it. It was more difficult this year than ever. That post coming later today, but first I have to get back to work and edit two more stories (and finish the one I'm currently working on) and then dust and clean the room and deal with mail and banking stuff. I note the list only to point out that once again my best laid plans to evenly distribute the work tasks of my break have failed. But that's OK, I'm learning that legit rest and relaxation is IMPORTANT. The bags I carried under my eyes all fall REALLY FUCKING taught me that.

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