Thursday, December 13, 2007

The spirit of the commercial season

Over the past two-plus seasons the Buffalo Sabres have captured my heart, mind and soul, just not my wallet, at least not entirely. I've bought several T-shirts, but opted against the big ticket hockey fan item ... the jersey. The only reason I passed last season when they won the President's Trophy and inspired at least a half dozen hour-long late night phone calls with my friend Jon, was because I strongly dislike the logo the team adopted coming out of the lockout.

It's been called the Chargalo or Barney Rubble's wig. In short, it has prevented me from showing my true fandom, but it has saved me probably $200-plus. Why oh why couldn't they have returned to the original logo? Or even stayed with their updated cartoon goathead logo, which was the ONLY 90s-update era logo that I ever liked.

Well, now temptation has emerged. The Sabres were selected to play in the Winter Classic—an outdoor game to held at Ralph Wilson Staidum (where the Buffalo Bills play). The game will be on national television on New Year's Day. Pray for 30 degrees and no wind.

And in honor of this stupendous sports occasion, the Sabres will be wearing the new Reebok version of the original uniforms.Oh man do I want one of these! Unfortunately, it's about $130 with no name or number and about $210+ (depending on how long the name is) to get customization. Well, there's no way in hell I'm gonna be blank jersey guy. The only thing worse than that is YOUROWNNAME jersey guy.

The only thing that kept me from buying it right now is that my two fave guys from last year—Chris Drury and Daniel Briere aren't on the team this year.

Check back in a week when I've probably bought it.

Upcoming blog posts this year will be best ofs ... movies, concerts, albums, songs, sports moments and my two least favorite developments of the Presidential race (hint: Romney and Huckabee and social issues are involved, even though I say that people should be more concerned with the non-social issues).

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