Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can you overdose on vitamin C?

I sure as hell hope not, because I have been consuming copious amounts of citrus-supplied vitamin C to help my immune system ward off infection number 2 in the last 7 weeks. This sucks it. I get sick usually at most twice a year and usually just once. And here I am sick twice since Thanksgiving. Luckily in each case I haven't felt sick, merely full of phlegm in either my chest (first time) or head (this time).

But the illness + Tiger Woods 08 Wii golf + reading more (as per my New Year's goal) + working late deadlines = less blogging so far. Also there's been a dearth of good sports news and concerts and new album releases. Given my dedication to reading 20 books this year (non Harry Potter) I plan to blog much more literarily in 2008.

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David Garrett said...

Yes, you can "overdose" on Vitamin C.

Basically, if you take anything that has a positive effect on your body to excess, it will hurt you.