Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I love art

And in this case, art is television, specifically Lost. Tonight I bought season 3 on DVD and watched the finale in preparation of tomorrow night's season premiere. FUCKING WOW!

That would be literally enough, yet also an incredible injustice if I left it merely at that.

Along with Battlestar Galactica and The Wire I can't think of another show that has so many well-developed, imperfect characters. Another show that demands so much of its audience yetLink rewards them so well. That has so many amazing actors who mesmerize on screen. And that refuses to underestimate its viewers thus providing them with complicated, at times even messy, exploration of philosophy, theology and truth. And is also funny and a great motherfucking ride.

Viva Lost!


Also, check this out ... L.A. Youth just celebrated its 20th anniversary and KTLA did a great little feature (though at 3:19 not little at all by broadcast standards) on our executive director, Donna Myrow, who founded the country's largest independent teen newspaper 20 years ago.

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