Sunday, January 13, 2008


Work kicked more than my ass today/yesterday. I might have even grown tumors just so that I had extra body parts to get kicked. As I was driving home on a beyond empty stomach the only thing I was craving was halfway decent Scotch (that unnecessary capitalization is for the Wude). At my budget halfway decent was going to be my ceiling.

Despite having lived in Los Angeles for more than five years (longer than I've lived anywhere as an adult) I am extremely unfamiliar with liquor stores, save for some extremely sketchy operations that seem to have as many shadows and exterior loiterers as consumable spirits.

So on this drive home, which began after 10 p.m. because of a key-losing detour, I was merely on the lookout for neon lights. General rule of thumb, lit neon in a strip mall after 10 p.m. is a liquor store. The first lit neon that really catches my eye on Olympic Boulevard turns out to be a psychic. And for the first time in my life I am tempted. I really can't explain why ... but I'll concede that some recent turns (people having babies and venturing into more relationshipizing/domesticizing) has got me wondering about the future (probably with a capital F, which would be a whole other Wude-related tangent) were probably an influence.

Yet in the end, I chose Scotch (for me) over any psychics. After all, I'd rather spend $40+ on emotional mood alterers that will extend weeks or perhaps even months into the future without condition than a psychic who could leave me legitimately pissed off feeling ripped off the next day.

The other thing I chose tonight was about $22 worth of iTunes late-night indulgences. Stars concerts in November changed my life, I figured that the least I owed them was buying two live albums online. I don't think there's a band out there that tears into the raw heart of emotions like them. And they are also one of the few acts that has male and female lead singers that synergize off each other. I HEART Canada.

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