Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friends with talent

I've been really lucky since moving to L.A. I've found a great job in the first city I've ever truly felt at home in and most importantly met some amazing friends. So here's one of them. Her name is Amy and she's an artist and pretty much awesomeness. I'll let this speak for her.

This is question/answer #9.

9. The Palin/Biden debate just wrapped up. I'm curious... as a woman, what's your take on McCain choosing Palin as a running mate?

First of all, I come from middle-class midwestern stock. My mom is a nurse, and my dad worked for General Motors. My stepfather is a teacher and my stepmom drives a school bus. I'm very familiar with the down-home, blue collar audience that McCain/Palin is trying to court with the 'folksy' attitude she's 'bringing to the table. Policy aside, I think it's totally appalling to see any adult in a position of authority - but especially a woman who is, herself, the parent of three daughters - so completely denigrate education, curiosity, literacy and learning by implying that academic achievement is somehow shameful and elitist. Her embrace of anti-intellectualism is absolutely reprehensible and reckless. She's doing a horrible, horrible disservice to children. She's sending a terrible message, and selling out kids. Her own incuriosity is just as troubling. I really wish she'd been able to name at least one newspaper that she reads-that was really a terrifying moment. I think McCain's choice was cynical and insulting. I appreciate that Barack Obama is a hell of a lot smarter than I am - that's what I'm looking for in a world leader. Presidents, doctors, Generals - we should expect that people in these roles be well-informed and functioning at an expert-level, because we depend on them to keep us safe.

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