Saturday, October 25, 2008

Revisionist concert history

I counted my concerts again tonight, because that's what I do on a Saturday when Arizona loses it's homecoming game to USC and the Sabres lose in a shootout because Ryan Miller forgot to man the crease.

I am at 107. I was off a few last time I counted. My 100th show as Black Kids in July, not Rilo Kiley in June. :( That does not include shows at Amoeba nor does it include the second Gemma Hayes show at the Hotel Cafe, which was five songs. It does include Christopher O'Reilly playing Nick Drake arrangements on Piano. I've got two more shows this year ... Jenny Lewis at the Orpheum next Thursday (third row center, holla) and Frightened Rabbit opening for the Spinto Band at Spaceland the night before election day.

Spending update:
$5 on pizza Friday night. I owe roommate actually.
$20 Peruvian dinner. If you live in El Segundo go to Playa Blanca.
$6 gasoline.
$6 Coffee Bean.

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clrobins42 said...

How the hell can you only pay $6 for gas? How big is that Saturn's tank? ;-)