Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's late, but I still blog

$4 today, technically yesterday, for a caramel latte. I was beyond tired in the morning and I would never have survived work otherwise.

$34ish on groceries Monday, though that is a bit of a guess.

$89.93 for car oil change and accessory drive belt.

Typing of the car. I ran into the inconvenience of green-ness. I am cheap and not a car person, so my car gets washed only when I take it to Saturn for an oil change or other service. I pay more and drive out of my way to get serviced at the dealership, but they have Wi-Fi and courtesy washes so it evened out in my head. Or at least they used to have courtesy washes.

I was informed Monday that they have discontinued them because the dealership lacked the capability of recycling the runoff water for the washes. To be more eco-conscious they instead now provide customers with coupons for free car washes across the street. I have a bad feeling about this.

After my service, I drive to the car wash. As I pull in I notice that there are at leaste half a dozen people sitting waiting for cars, which are stacked waiting to be dried. There appears to be several cars going through the tunnel wash and a line of several cars waiting to enter. I hate the waiting at these places. It never goes quickly.

There is also an obvious entrance to the conveyor wash, but nowhere to check in or anyone to checkin with. One guy, who appeared to be a toweling guy, pointed me toward the tunnel entrance but didn't say anything. There were banners with rates above four detailing stations and two were manned, but no one was offering any directions. There was even a cashier inside, but nowhere to clearly park as a customer.

In a moment of hunger/frustration/confusion I bailed and left with even dirtier car. Oh well, the weather temperature specturm has been so wide-ranging of late that, my car would have been filthy by Tuesday morning, when I went out and it was covered in moisture.

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