Sunday, November 23, 2008

Band of the year // I love music

The Accolade. Saudi Arabia's most accomplished and well-known all-female rock band. Sure, they've never played a concert nor are the members' last names known, but the New York Times wrote about them.

In reading the story I learned that 60 percent of Saudi Arabia's population is younger than 25. And the young are demanding a more open culture. Part of that loosening of traditional mores, is an embrace of western rock music. According to the story, much of it is metal. But The Accolade are bringing a good alt-rock sound. Music rules.

The band's MySpace page has one song (Pinnochio) and honestly, it's not bad. It totally could have been on Alternative Nation when I was in high school.


The other great newspaper story about music, I read today was the Los Angeles Times profile of Gustavo Dudamel, the next music director of the L.A. Phil. I won't be catching any of his first performances this year, the final year with Esa Pekkanen-Salonen as music director, but next year I am so going to abide by the Dude.

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