Friday, November 21, 2008

One of my first loves

We were talking in the office today about what technology you couldn't live without. Well, not really, we were just musing about the way technology (primarily cell phones and the Internet) has changed our lives and society. I pointed out that without the Internet I'd go catatonic.

And tonight I stumbled upon one of those reasons ...

Growing up I loved CFNY, the alternative music station broadcasting from Toronto. I got introduced to Single Gun Theory, The Tragically Hip, Spirit of the West, Sarah McLachlan (also though a show on the CBC called Good Rockin Tonight, which aired late Friday and Saturday). In an effort to prevent Canadian popular culture from being subsumed by its south-of-the-border monolithic cousin, the Canadian government had a CANCON rule. The Canadian Content rule stipulated that a certain percentage of music broadcast on the public airwaves had to be created/performed by Canadians.

Every night I listened to CFNY as I did my homework and I totally crushed hardcore on evening DJ Dani Elwell, the superknowledgable, laidback (in the way that all Canadians are) ultrasexy voiced music fan. What's not to love right? She left the station before I graduated high school, but I always kept a candle lit for her.

I had read years ago that she was working in a flower shop with her mom. But tonight I discovered that she's still doing voicework, which can be found here. The years have done her right, as her slightly textured alto has developed into an even sultrier siren song.

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