Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is where we go from here

After California voted for bigotry, intolerance, fear and hatred, I was despondent. All the optimism I had felt about Barack Obama's win was virtually wiped out. But knowing that 64 million people chose the new champion of HOPE, it didn't die. And after thinking about how far this country has come, I can say with certainty that my students will be attending their same-sex couples friends' marriages.

It's also because as Torq Campbell (lead singer of Stars) said ... most people are good. It's because there are people like Mark Johnson, whose documentary Playing for Change showcases the simple but transformative power of music. I promise that the Mark Johnson link will take you to one of the best 18 minutes you'll ever spend. We must preserve PBS! Hooray for Bill Moyers.


Also ... it's finally embeddable ... Before Barack Obama emerged I would have said if you're not inspired by this, get out of the way. But now I would say that's OK, we can still work together, because we should, because without cooperation we won't achieve the best for either of us.

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