Sunday, February 06, 2011

Working with teens in an age of social media

I accidentally walked out of my favorite bar Thursday night forgetting to pay my tab. I'm enough of a regular at the amazing Eagle Rock Brewery (L.A. plug) that I'm allowed to run a tab without leaving my credit card at the register. Thursday night a friend of a friend bought me my third and final beer so I never had a chance to order and say, "I'll settle up now," which is what I've always done. I finish my third beer and head home.

I don't remember that I've failed to pay for my first two beers until I'm just about finished with a quick jog. D'oh! I immediately email the owners when I get home. The husband replies early Friday morning saying "no worries." I go to the bar Saturday night for a few beers and pay off my outstanding $10.

After paying I send out a message on Twitter that said: "Paying Beer tab at @ makes me almost as balanced as the populist IPA." Btw, second L.A. plug, even as a non-hops guy the Populist IPA will change your life.

Anyway, this morning I see that I have a Twitter message from one of my former students who is a junior at Harvard asking "What's beer tab?"

I told him that I'll tell him when he's older.

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