Thursday, October 19, 2006

For the record (Lost spoiler included but the text is white)

my theory about tonight's appearance from Desmond ... desmond traveled forward in time 108 minutes, which is how he knew about locke's speech. i don't know why he's naked. my joke theory to that specifically, is that a la terminator, one cannot time travel with any clothes on. but seriously, here's why i do think he time traveled. this show is all about duality: science/faith; black/white; old lives/new lives; electromagnetism (has to do with all radiation, which can be particles and waves, physics 101) so why not space/time continuum stuff? i know it's amping up the sci-fi aspects, but JJ is back this year (granted carlton wrote tonight's ep).

Btw, a dog has been barking. I hope s/he quiets down. It's after midnight, but not in a Clapton way.

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