Monday, October 02, 2006

I hate morality

I am stealing this from Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who noticed this in the New York Times:

Disturbing Newspaper Story of the Week: From page A9 of Saturday's New York Times, a report datelined Frisco, Texas, about a 51-year-old art teacher named Sydney McGee who was suspended for taking 89 students on a field trip to the Dallas Art Museum ... after the parents of one of the children complained that the child had been exposed to nude art. Never mind that, according to the Times, more than 500,000 students have gone on field trips to the same museum and passed by similar art over the past 10 years. McGee's contract will not be renewed, according to the paper. Aside from being dumbfounded, I have these simple hopes: that McGee sues the Frisco Independent School District for several jillion dollars, wins, and embarrasses the lords of said district into resigning.

What the fuck is happening in this country?

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