Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bear Down and feel free to dance like an idiot

Led by record-setting pitcher Taryne Mowatt, the Arizona Wildcats women's softball team won it's 8th NCAA Division I championship Wednesday. I've definitely never been prouder to be a Wildcat!! (She threw more than 1,000 pitches these past few days!!!) And next year we're soooo gonna miss Caitlin Lowe (no errors in her four-year career) and Kristie Fox, who've done Arizona more proud than most anyone ever.

But the coolest thing is that these amazing women athletes make that cheesey NCAA commercial, which features athletes from all sports talking about how they're going pro in things other than sports, ring so true. Watching their games with the coordinated cheers, unbridled enthusiasm and genuine joy and love, I can't help but almost feel like I truly missed something by not being an athlete. Then I'm fortunate enough to remember that I did share something similar in the University of Arizona marching band. Yeah, that sounds almost chicken-soupy, but I was known as the Asian Rug and got torn a new one by my band director in front of 250 other people. There's nothing softcheese about that.

Go Cats!

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