Monday, June 04, 2007

Muggle blog II

Just completed Chamber of Secrets and feel like I haven't had any great insights. But there was one section that raised the hairs on the back of my neck. When Harry is in the chamber talking to the corporealizing ghost of Tom Marvolo Riddle I read something that at least warrants tracking in Book 6.

On page 314 Riddle says that his father was a Muggle who abandoned his mother before Voldemort was born, because dad found out that his the mother was a witch. He also notes that his closest friends at school were already calling him Voldemort. I am wondering if these friends heirs are the Death Eaters we know now. Will all this be tied together?

When Dumbledore and Harry dive through memories in the Half-Blood Prince, will what Riddle said in this passage correspond to what Dumbledore has surmised?

Also, Dumbledore used to teach Transfigurations ... what can he change into? I don't remember if that has been revealed and if so, what it was? Is it possible that Dumbledore is NOT entirely dead?

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Sweets T said...

Just because he taught Transfiguration doesn't mean he can turn into anything. Hermione says in Azkaban (I think!) that there are only a few registered Animagi, and she looked them up.... I think if Dumbledore was one of them, it would have warranted a mention. Transfiguration is also turning a teakettle into a turtle, etc.

Still, a good point and something to ponder. Oh, and the word I have to type in is pie bm. Okay. Pie b.m.?