Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jealousy in a good way

For many years I've believed that to truly know ourselves, we need only look at our environs. Where do we work? What do we do? Where do we live? What do we drive? And most importantly who are our friends?

Well, I consider myself lucky: I work at a non-profit teen newspaper. I teach writing and mentor brilliant young minds. I live in Los Angeles (beach, music). I drive a relatively fuel-efficient, reliable car with a decently comfortable driver's seat. And my friends are amazing and wonderful people. Sometimes a bit too amazing almost.

Check out these two links to read about the true joys of music (the response is from a profession graphic design genius who works for the Detroit Free Press as an illustrator and page designer and copy editor. Read: NOT AS A WRITER).

here's the original thing :

and here's my letter (scroll down, it'll be obvious):

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