Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good and bad music news about the same artist/album

The good news: The amazingly talented Gemma Hayes says that she has finished her third album, according to her latest post on her MySpace blog. Yay! The Roads Don't Love You is one of my fave albums of the last few years. She's a dark melodist, strong lyricist and has a beautiful and different voice. She's not mainstream singer-songwriter or pop princess at all. But she creates fucking great music.

The bad news: She doesn't have a record label. This might not be bad news. Perhaps she bailed on her label because she wanted to. But at the same time, her blog post basically said that she's going to try shopping it around, but that she might release on her own. To me her being labelless is bad only because it means that idiots out there can't recognize talent. And that's a problem. The older I get the more attracted I am to talent, beauty and brilliance. And dammit, she nails all three in fact.

So please Gemma, we want that album!


More music tidbits:

You can see the video to a new Rilo Kiley song here. It comes at about nine minutes in. The song is called "Moneymaker." It's very different, but very cool. Dark and sexy as someone describe on a fansite thread.

And another discovery: Blair. She's more typically singer-songwriter, but she's strong. And she's so small and humble that she e-mailed me after I ordered her EP. At least it seemed like her Yahoo! account. There exist smarter people than I who might know how to configure auto e-mails upon a PayPal order, but I am going to assume it was her telling me about her Hotel Cafe show on Aug. 2, which I'm going to. Cool thing about her: her first EP is called "Pluto" in reference to controversy regarding that heavenly body's on-again, off-again planetary status.


Finally, more than halfway through (close to 2/3) Order of the Phoenix and nothing jumping out. But I know that this book backloads LOTS of stuff.

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