Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A teeny, tiny bit famous / This is what I do

This is a story the Voice of American radio network did about L.A. Youth, the teen newspaper I work for. If you click on the story link, you'll also get a chance to hear me--this is radio after all. I don't hate the sound of my recorded voice, which is pretty much a first, though I wish I had slowed down my talking. I am also very envious of Laura's quote ... much stronger than mine. At least I used "ironically" correctly, and even got recognized for that by a friend. As someone who spent much of his life sincerely believing he was smarter than most everyone else (like a fucking idiot, btw), I appreciated the ego boost. I don't know if this qualifies as the new blogging style, but this is breaking news, which I said might interrupt the re-thinking hiatus.

Youth Newspaper Gives Los Angeles Teens a Voice
By Mike O'Sullivan
Los Angeles
24 July 2007

A student newspaper in Los Angeles called "L.A. Youth" is giving a voice to teenagers, free from censorship by school officials. Mike O'Sullivan reports, the paper deals with controversial issues from sexuality to violence, and such ordinary problems as getting a date in high school.

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